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Digicom, Inc. has also built a quality reputation as a Hybrid Telephony, Voice Mail, VoIP and SIP Systems Integrator. Since 1993, Digicom Inc. has more than 438 IP, Hybrid PBX and Key Systems installed in 19 states and 3 countries (France, Germany and Mexico). Digicom, Inc. also provides the design and installation of video and sound communication products and services. Included in this product offering is High Definition Video Conferencing, Digital Signage, Boardroom, Training Room and Classroom video and audio systems. And for the finer installations, audio, video and lighting control systems. In addition, Digicom, Inc. continues to grow its CCTV/Door Access product offerings which ultimately provides you the peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure.

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is a combination of cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, data and video communication systems of a particular building.

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Voice Systems

At Digicom, Inc. we take the time to understand what makes your voice communication needs uniquely yours and then develop a solution for you using industry leaders in performance, price and reliability.

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Video Systems

Designing a user friendly, functional and practical meeting space that can enhance the senses is the key and Digicom, Inc. can help get you there.

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Video Conferencing

Utilizing a simple, unified video conferencing solution within your organization not only enables you to communicate just like being there in person (minus the travel expenses), but it also enhances the face-to-face communication necessary for productive and authentic collaboration.

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Asset Protection Systems

Security in today’s business environment is a strategic decision that you can make to protect your business assets as well as your employees and customers.

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Sound Systems

Typically, you don’t notice how important good sound is until you actually hear a great sounding system.

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Business Music

Music makes a powerful impact in a business environment. Love songs set the mood in a candlelit restaurant. Up-tempo tunes provide the perfect note for power lunches or to get you pumped for your work out at the gym. Classical and ambient music invites customers to linger in upscale boutiques, says “distinguished“ the moment you walk into a law office, and relaxes you in the doctor’s office.

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