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The Purpose…

Upon its Incorporation in April of 1993, Digicom, Inc. entered into the business communication systems marketplace with the sole intention of selling DMX background music systems to businesses. Soon thereafter pagers (i.e. beepers…remember those?) were added to the mix and before the end of the first year of business, Digicom, Inc. entered into the Systems Integration marketplace to stay. Although Digicom, Inc. still offers background music systems and pagers, a lot has changed and continues to change since 1993. Digicom, Inc. remains committed to invest time and resources so that it remains a trusted and respected integrator of data, voice, video and sound communication systems.

The People…

It’s the people that make the difference between a successful communications system and one that is destined to fail. It isn’t a secret. The key to Digicom’s success is its employees. As is always stressed with its employees, the requirement is to exceed customer expectations. And as a rule, treat the customer as you would want to be treated! With most of its System Technicians employed by Digicom for ten years and counting, you can trust that you and your business will be treated with professionalism and respect. And, most importantly, you can expect to have your job done right, on time and on budget.

The Products…

It’s the products that drive your business communications. Since its first major cabling installation in 1994, Digicom, Inc. quickly established itself as a prominent regional installer of data, voice and video infrastructures. In fact, since 1994, Digicom, Inc. has successfully completed data, voice and video networks in over 30 School Districts, Colleges and Universities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa as well as scores of other private and public sector cabling installations.

Digicom, Inc. has also built a quality reputation as a Hybrid Telephony, Voice Mail, VoIP and SIP Systems Integrator. Since 1993, Digicom Inc. has more than 438 IP, Hybrid PBX and Key Systems installed in 19 states and 3 countries (France, Germany and Mexico). Digicom, Inc. also provides the design and installation of video and sound communication products and services. Included in this product offering is High Definition Video Conferencing, Digital Signage, Boardroom, Training Room and Classroom video and audio systems. And for the finer installations, audio, video and lighting control systems. In addition, Digicom, Inc. continues to grow its CCTV/Door Access product offerings which ultimately provides you the peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure.

The Promise…

Digicom, Inc. promises to keep pace with communication technologies, remain competitive, provide first class customer service and treat its employees and customers respectfully and professionally. With its cornerstones of business securely established, Digicom, Inc. continues to be the right choice for your all of your business communication needs!

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